Practical Information

Contact information

032 864 90 74

Wireless – wifi

Normaly you should have received your wireless access per email from our system CISCO (maybe check the spam). If it isn’t the case please write an email to to get a new access.


If you wish to wash your clothes you can use one the washing machine and dryer of the building. You find them between floor 2-3, 3-4 and 4-5 in the stairs. There is no timetable you can go whenerver you like.

Please note that you aren’t allowed to wash your bedsheets if you are using our.

Check-out check list

When you are checking-out please:

  • don’t forget any of your belongings
  • empty the fridge
  • put all your rubish in the bin
  • leave the key (card) on the desk
  • the apartement should be in a good stage and have no damage otherwise we might ask for additional cost

Any problem, disturbance in general

Please write me an email at or call me 032 864 90 74

Inventory of the rooms


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